Saturday, May 12, 2012


I knew April would bring some changes for all the lives in the house.  My nieces and nephew headed home to Arizona.  After a little over 2 years of having them around things had certainly changed. 
Here's a look at those cuties in Feb 2010.

This is how much they had changed by Christmas 2011.  Those cute baby faces have been replaced by amazing kid faces.  

I knew the kids leaving would be hard but really it was much harder than I thought it would be.  I couldn't be happier for them to be back at home and with their mom and dad but it certainly took me a little while to settle into my normal life. 

Life has returned to normal and I am having a blast.  Bike riding at whatever speed I want, craft time with no interruptions and getting ready to leave the house happens quite quickly.  Quilting has been happening as well even though right now I haven't taken a single photo of anything.  Tonight I should finish a really nice table runner with my most detailed bit of machine quilting to date.  I think I might become a machine quilting addict.  I do need to find a way to improve my posture while quilting.  Between all the quilting this week and driving a bit longer to work a couple days a week my back is not happy with me.  Oh yeah about that driving a bit longer to work.  In April I also agreed to be the tech to go to the new office we opened May 1, 2012.  So now 2 days a week normally quite easy 15 to if traffic is just awful 25 minute commute jumps to 40-50 minutes one way. 

I did make it to the Indy modern quilt guild meeting in April and had a blast and I will be trying really hard to join in of the fun in June.   I also made it to the regular Indianapolis quilt guild meeting in April and May.  I do love the speakers.  April was Cathy Miller , it was a fun evening and see did show some amazing quilts.  May was very special to me since I am taking her machine quilting class on craftsy, Wendy Butler Berns.  It was another great show and if just a few months or even weeks ago my head would have been clear I could have taken a workshop today.  

I hope everyone else has been enjoying spring!  

Happy Quilting