Friday, March 23, 2012

Tonight's plan

I'm pretty excited that after work today I will be teaching little man, age 3 to sew.  He is quite excited and it should be a fun evening to watch his little mind go into over drive.  I'll do my best to come back and show off his work.

Happy Quilting

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

I've been shopping.

Not a lot of sewing has been happening recently but planning to sew has been in overdrive.  I will be making my sister a cape for comic con.  Which will be happening soon, of course March 24 is getting closer so it has to happen soon.  This should be fun and once I get it finished I will certainly show it off.

My brother is getting married in September.  I have a quilt planned for him using this pattern.  His favorite color is blue and my soon to be sister in laws fav is yellow.  What a nice french combo.  For the wedding they are going with yellow, black and white.  So here is some the fabric I've bought for this quilt.
For the back I plan to use this fabulous collection from timeless treasures, lemon grove by Alice Kennedy.

I also got some more fabric for a quilt which is right now being designed in my head.  Hopefully it will turn out half as nice as I am picturing.  

The last recent purchase is a big one and one I have been wanting for years.  My new bike!!

Happy Quilting

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Always in Stitches ...

is one of my favorite quilt stores.  So much of the fabric I own is from this store.  I know I don't have a huge stash but it is a growing one.  I do buy lots of online fabric, since blogging at least.  Before blogging I didn't really pay attention to fabric lines being released.  Whatever the local stores had was perfect for me.  Now I do get those "seek peeks" and ideas fill my head and then I "need" that certain fabric and of course those online stores make that certain fabric easy to find.  I still try and support the local stores and of course it is great actually getting to see the fabric in person before purchasing.

Always in Stitches has a blog  and recently has been starting to  do some tutorials and posting more often.  For Dr Seuss birthday they had a super cut giveaway and guess what, I was the winner!  This is my first blog win and it was quite surprising to see my name mentioned as the winner.

Today I went up to the store and got backing fabric for the zig zag quilt and got my prize.  It's a nice Cat in the Hat panel and the kids really got a kick out of giving him a hug.  This will make a really fun quilt for them.  Here's a look at the cute guy.

Happy Quilting