Friday, March 15, 2013

February with the quilt guild

February was a very nice month around here. The weather was cold and quilting did happen. February was also also a great month for the guild. The meeting did run long since there was so much to talk about. Since this month does include Presidents Day in the USA the guild also honors past presidents. It is great seeing who has given so much time to the guild. Also the guild showed off the opportunity quilt for this year (we can no longer call it a raffle quilt). I do wish I would have remember to take my camera for this meeting. This quilt is from keepsake quilting so you can see it just not that great quilting. Amish with a twist  Brian Haggard gave the lecture. He did a great job and certainly showed off many quilts which I'm sure inspired many people, including me. While his style is much different than mine, nearly a complete 180 different way, I did learn to print photos on fabric paper. While it is not a hard thing to do he did share a few tips. He mentioned cheap brand are not good to use. If you want to reduce the pink color in sepia tones change the photo to black and white first and then to sepia tones. Those are the only tips I can remember right now but if I think of more I will post more on printing photos on fabric.

The following Saturday we had a wonderful workshop. The kit for the workshop did end up costing us 10 dollars more than he had previously stated and that did cause me a ton of stress. The church where we were holding the workshop didn't have open wifi and I couldn't prove the cost he had stated. I didn't know what to do and really at that moment thought I was going to hate this workshop. I think do to this stress, I was the first one done piecing my block. This worked out well because I got to take some pictures and then move onto hand embroidery. While I am certainly no where near a great hand embroider I do love it. Brian really did a great job showing us stitches and coming around to everyone to help us along. He drew on great patterns. It was also a nice workshop in that the block was pieced together very quickly and then the sewing machines were put away. Everyone got to move into groups and chat while stitching away. I really do think that helped us to get to know some members of the guild better.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Big Finish

 After Mary Huey came to speak to the guild she brought up some amazing points.  Use the fabric you have bought.  She recently helped a man whose wife passed away sell all her quilting/sewing supplies.  She mentioned how hard it was to see all this amazing stuff sell for much less than it was worth.  She also in the same manner mentioned to finish the UFO by finishing them or realizing you won't finish it and change those to something you will finish.  The last point she mentioned that really stuck with me is sew a little everyday.  Your sewing skills will improve and you will be amazing with even a few minutes everyday how much you will get done.  Now I would completely be lying if I said I have been sewing everyday but I have been sewing much more often.  With this happening I thought I might be able to work on some big finishes this year. 

This quilt is a gift for a co worker.  He spent 20 years, before working at IU, with the Army.  Then it was over 20 years at IU.  I have worked with him for about 7 years.  I picked out the fabrics first.  Red, white and blue seems like the obvious choice.  I looked at probably 10 different patterns before I found what seems like the perfect one.  Finding this pattern was just one of the very lucky things that sometimes happen.  I was getting together to sew with a few of my favorite quilting friends and one of them a just bought the pattern.  I really thought this one had a great look right away.  The very next day I was at Quilts Plus buying this pattern and wonderful ruler.  You can make templates for the pattern but the ruler certainly made this quite a bit easier.  This quilt goes together very quickly and I certainly think I will be using this pattern again. 

After working with red, white and blue for a bit I got bored with the colors.  While I'm sure the quilt would have been nice with just those colors something was missing for me.  As I thought about it this quilt needed more color.  Orange was an easy choice.  It is one of my favorite colors to put in a quilt and it is easy to have red smoothly move towards orange.  Green and purple did the same with blue and the addition of these colors really help this quilt pop.  Not being one who follows directions well, I did end up changing the way I made this quilt.  The pattern calls for a jelly roll and I already had fat quarters.  Instead of cutting those fat quarters into 2 1/2 inch strips I just cut them into strips 1 inch to 2 1/2 inches wide. 

Once I had the top completed I called (maybe texted)  my friend Steph.  I asked if she would teach me to use her long arm machine.  She agreed and I am so excited I had the chance to use it.  One night I came over and practiced and the next time it was onto the quilt.  I had tons of fun and really can see why using a long arm machine for quilting is so nice.  While that kind of machine is way outside my budget, I really do appreciate Steph letting me try it out and I may even be back quilting some charity quilts soon.

Oh you should also take a look at this very fun back.  He likes Superman, news and crosswords.  That white spot will soon get a label.


I do love the way this quilt turned out and soon enough I will be handing it off.  Here's to hoping he will like it.

Happy Quilting