Saturday, March 10, 2012

Always in Stitches ...

is one of my favorite quilt stores.  So much of the fabric I own is from this store.  I know I don't have a huge stash but it is a growing one.  I do buy lots of online fabric, since blogging at least.  Before blogging I didn't really pay attention to fabric lines being released.  Whatever the local stores had was perfect for me.  Now I do get those "seek peeks" and ideas fill my head and then I "need" that certain fabric and of course those online stores make that certain fabric easy to find.  I still try and support the local stores and of course it is great actually getting to see the fabric in person before purchasing.

Always in Stitches has a blog  and recently has been starting to  do some tutorials and posting more often.  For Dr Seuss birthday they had a super cut giveaway and guess what, I was the winner!  This is my first blog win and it was quite surprising to see my name mentioned as the winner.

Today I went up to the store and got backing fabric for the zig zag quilt and got my prize.  It's a nice Cat in the Hat panel and the kids really got a kick out of giving him a hug.  This will make a really fun quilt for them.  Here's a look at the cute guy.

Happy Quilting

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