Friday, March 15, 2013

February with the quilt guild

February was a very nice month around here. The weather was cold and quilting did happen. February was also also a great month for the guild. The meeting did run long since there was so much to talk about. Since this month does include Presidents Day in the USA the guild also honors past presidents. It is great seeing who has given so much time to the guild. Also the guild showed off the opportunity quilt for this year (we can no longer call it a raffle quilt). I do wish I would have remember to take my camera for this meeting. This quilt is from keepsake quilting so you can see it just not that great quilting. Amish with a twist  Brian Haggard gave the lecture. He did a great job and certainly showed off many quilts which I'm sure inspired many people, including me. While his style is much different than mine, nearly a complete 180 different way, I did learn to print photos on fabric paper. While it is not a hard thing to do he did share a few tips. He mentioned cheap brand are not good to use. If you want to reduce the pink color in sepia tones change the photo to black and white first and then to sepia tones. Those are the only tips I can remember right now but if I think of more I will post more on printing photos on fabric.

The following Saturday we had a wonderful workshop. The kit for the workshop did end up costing us 10 dollars more than he had previously stated and that did cause me a ton of stress. The church where we were holding the workshop didn't have open wifi and I couldn't prove the cost he had stated. I didn't know what to do and really at that moment thought I was going to hate this workshop. I think do to this stress, I was the first one done piecing my block. This worked out well because I got to take some pictures and then move onto hand embroidery. While I am certainly no where near a great hand embroider I do love it. Brian really did a great job showing us stitches and coming around to everyone to help us along. He drew on great patterns. It was also a nice workshop in that the block was pieced together very quickly and then the sewing machines were put away. Everyone got to move into groups and chat while stitching away. I really do think that helped us to get to know some members of the guild better.

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