Saturday, January 22, 2011

Friday Night Sewing

This is my first post showing some current work.  I thought at first getting memories out about past projects was a great idea.  I just started quilting a couple of years ago and reading a few Jennifer Chiaverini books made me think I should put these memories in a blog.  I'll still be doing that but came across Friday Night Sew In while reading some other quilting blogs.  It sounded like a great plan.  Last night dinner was over and I was hoping to get right into sewing.  That didn't happen, one of the kids was sick and needed extra hugs and care.  Once the kids were all in bed I watch an hour of TV and then headed up to the sewing room.  The sewing room is right next to the kids bedroom and I really wanted to make sure they were asleep before I started the sewing machine.  I am certainly glad I got some sewing in last night.
I worked on some half square triangle block for the guild's half square triangle exchange.  The pattern I picked out needs 96 half square triangle and I now have 112 ready to exchange!

 That is the paper I used.
 A look all everything laid out.
A closer look at the triangle, which need to be left closed as a surprise for the exchange. And next a pick inside.  The two batiks open are from the first sheet I sewed which I cut wrong and messed up two squares.

Before sewing you cut fabric into 6 1/2 by 21 inch strips.  Next picture is a look at the paper with fabric pinned and at look at the fabric.

And the final thing is a layer cake BOM which my friend S is doing on her blog steph-notices
I am using moda Sunkissed by Sweetwater
Over all I am very happy with last nights work.  I am so glad I found out about Friday Night Sew In.


  1. I've never seen the half square paper before... how cool is that! How exciting you'll get to participate in a fun exchange like this...

  2. I have never used that paper...looks like it works great!!

  3. Thanks Impera_Magna and Cheryl. The paper is used in the exchange to keep all the squares the correct size. You even leave the paper the paper on to help keep those biased edges in shape. It was quite quick and now I'll get 112 different squares back. It was quite a nice way to end a crazy week.