Saturday, June 18, 2011

Mid June already?

Once again time is flying past so quickly.  It really seems like it was just winter and now summer is on its way.  I have been busy but really not with as much quilting or sewing as I would like.  Saying that is has been fun teaching the kids to ride bikes, visiting family and really just enjoying the warm weather.  In May J's sister got married and my sister and I made just under 200 cupcakes.  I was really quite impressed with how smoothly it went.   The one thing I didn't do was take pictures of all those cute cupcakes set up.   It was actually a fairly professional look.  The wedding colors were black, yellow and of course white.  The cupcakes were all in solid black liners with white frosting and hopefully sometime soon I can get access to a photo and show them off.

Talking about those wedding colors has anyone else that yellow seems to be a trendy color for quilting.  Many recent fabric lines seem to have a bit of yellow in them.

One thing I did find out at the bridal shower is J's sister doesn't like color, her favorite color is black and her new husband's favorite she feels is gray.  Now I love really all colors but following the shower my plan to make quite a colorful table runner changed.  I found these really fun and modern designs 
Color Principle for Henry Glass and Co.Tuxedo
 I picked a nice design with just squares and rectangles so I could put it all together very quickly, which I did but then all sewing stopped and gardening, biking, baking etc took over.
Next is an idea of the layout.  Since it's a table runner I am going to try and put insulating batting in it as well so it can be used to set warm food on.  Hopefully soon I will get this finished and can show it off in style. 

Happy Quilting 

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