Sunday, September 25, 2011

Wow Sept is nearly over

I haven't been sewing as much as I thought I would.  I have been getting tons of inspiration.  I did get a couple more block done on my layer cake BOM so for about 1 week I was caught up.  September's block is not made yet.  Steph has given 3 different block layouts.  I have picked out which I want to make and have picked out a cute layout for the quilt.

I picked out a cute border design for the girls quilt.  T gave me a great lesson on making borders so soon I should be getting those complete.  I think these quilts are super cute and it has been fun getting the girls input. 

I have been working on laying out the billboard quilt.  I know what it will say.  I have fabrics picked out.  I just can't pick out a font I like.  One letter seems to throw the look off and then I start over.  I may just draft my own but I'm nervous about that so I'll keep trying and maybe soon I can get started on this quilt. 

We had a visitor this month so the sewing room was turned into a guest room and I have been lazy getting back in there.  It's really not hard to change the room around but still laziness has set in.  Maybe that is not completely fair.  The kids have homework during the week so weekdays I work and get home about 5, come home and have dinner, work on homework, the kids go to bed and then I watch a little TV or read and go to bed myself.  The weekends have been full of play and home projects.  This weekend we put a layer of compost over the lawn hoping that improving the soil will improve the grass.  Also this month girl 5 turned 6!  She had a great party and got some really fun gifts.  It is great seeing her craft loving mind work on new projects. 
I did make it to an Indy quilt guild meeting and had a ton of fun.  Flavin Glover came and talked about log cabin quilts.  She was quite fun and had some great designs.  It would have been a great workshop to take but I didn't.  I did not make it to the Indy modern quilt guild meeting.  I really wanted to but it was yesterday and I was busy spreading out compost.

Happy Quilting


  1. Your blocks look great! Good luck finding a font you like. I have also had a hard time finding one that works for me (not that I really have time to start it though!!) Smiles~Beth

  2. I really do like the BOM quilt. Should be fun to put it together and see if it will live up to your great version. Certainly with the kids back in school time is very hard to find.