Saturday, November 5, 2011

Time flys

When your having fun.  It has been a busy time around the house.  Not much sewing has been happening.  While that is sad, homework is getting done and playing with friends has filled up much of my time recently.  My dad has been out visit.  It was a nice peaceful visit.  I did sew a few quick projects and have many ideas running through my head.  I really want to finish a few quilts before I start something new so I'm trying to hold off. These are a couple of to go cup sleeves that I have made recently.  These are fun and reversible.  They are super quick to make.  I gave them to a couple of members of my quilting bee. 

One more quick project I made with the girls are a couple of heart shaped pillows.  I didn't take any pictures of these yet but it was a fun rainy day project and both girls really do love getting to sew.  
Halloween was great fun this year.  The weather was a bit warmer than last year, still light coats were needed.  A few kids for the neighborhood joined us and everyone seemed to have a blast.  The only hard part about this Halloween is trick or treating starts a 5:00 and I barely make it home from work by 5:00 so we had them play Just Dance Kids for a bit to try and let most everyone get home work before starting to knock on their doors.

And here you can see everyone ready to go.

Happy Quilting 

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