Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Lazy me

Some months just fly by and this month is certainly one of those.  It started with me getting a cold, sewing slowed down and then wow it's the 22nd.  I did give L and T the black and white/rock and roll table runner.   They both seemed pretty happy with it.  Of course it did start a little battle between them, would it go on the table or the bar.  My guess is the bar won but maybe one day soon I'll find out.

I did get some nice work done on the Valentine's day quilt, okay lets rename it the spring quilt and maybe just maybe I'll get it completed soon.  I have the top put together and just need to get some border fabric and get the borders on.  Then I'm going to quilt this one.  With all the table runner practice I think I'm ready to quilt a lap size quilt.  It should be fun.

Girl 2 had to get a tooth pulled, by the dentist, today.  I have been worried sick about this but overall she is one tough cookie.  I can only imagine the pain but only a few hours later she was in great spirits.  Here is a look at the great new smile.

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