Sunday, July 22, 2012


Wow, time does fly past quite quickly.  Quilting took a break for a good bit of the summer but I'm catching the quilting bug again.  It started with a table runner for Mother's day.  I worked really hard and was loving the way the table runner turned out.
Other than messing up my first partial seam this went together quite quickly and I thought looked great.  I even loved my quilting, which is a first for me.  It's a simple pattern but still adds to the beauty of the piece.
Then it was time for the binding and it was Saturday night.  I have never struggled some much.  I took the binding off 4 times and redid it and it was still a mess.  I was ready to cut this table runner into little pieces and never think about it again.  At that moment I decided to just step away.  Here you can see some of the left over mistakes (really it's not nearly as bad as it felt that night)

Now that a few months have passed I think I could take this binding off, one more time and really take my time and finish what I still think is a great table runner. 

Happy Quilting

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