Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Modern Quilting

Maybe I'm not completely a modern quilter but certainly a large part of me is in love with modern quilting.  I like simple designs is my home life;  furniture, art work, etc.  Seeing quilting move in that direction over the past few years has been fun.  I'm not sure if most of my quilts fit that category.  My newest quilt certainly does, at least in my mind.

The design started while watching the Quilt Show.  Ricky Tims showed how to make this split rail fence block.  It's a simple block with a fun little twist.  My head started designing this quilt as he is teaching this block.

I thought about the rail name in the block more than the fence.  I was raised in coal country in Eastern Kentucky.  One thing you notice, I didn't until I moved away, is coal dust is on everything.  I had a white car and it was amazing the amount of coal dust that you could wash off the car.  So dark gray seemed like the perfect background color.  I had a set of Kona modern quilt guild fat quarters and thought those bright colors would be perfect with the gray background.  Here is the completed top and I really do love this one!!
Now I just need to decide how to quilt it, seems a little more challenging with all the negative space. 

Happy Quilting

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  1. Love this- looks modern to me but I am no expert :) Glad you are back to posting.