Sunday, January 27, 2013

Push It

My head is silly and I understand that.  Salt 'N' Pepa popped back into my brain again.  Babies are coming faster than I can make quilts.  Okay clearly people did give me plenty of notice but I seem to like last minute deadlines.  For all the new moms giving birth push it seems like a good song.

This has given me a chance to look at all the cute fabrics for little boys and girls recently and the designers are doing a great job.  With great fabrics to show off a simple design seemed like the way to go.  I googled simple baby quilts and this was the first image to pop up. It  is a quick and easy baby quilt  and super cute.

  I really did get this cut out, sewed together and quilted in one evening.  Getting the binding on took a little while.  Once I found this cute little stripe I got quite excited and the binding went on quite smoothly. 

You will see this pattern pop up a few more time.  This one is going to a sweet little boy that one of my friends gave birth to a couple of months ago.  Mom and baby are doing quite well.  

Happy Quilting

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  1. Looks great. I used that tut for a quilt for my sister and it was super easy but very nice looking. I will use it again too. Take care!