Saturday, February 5, 2011

Fuses and amuses

2010 was a slow year for quilting.  I had one workshop in April I believe.  While attending that workshop the lady next me on my left mentions that attendance has been down for the workshops recently.  Since the 60 degree diamond one I had certainly notices this.  The October 2009 workshop was great but the quilt show was that same month so I'm sure not many were wanting a new project to begin while trying so hard to finish their show quilts.  Topsy turvy nine patch attendance was down as well.  It was a great workshop and I love my quilt but I'm sure it's not a quilt everyone loves.  This lady goes on to mention so has taken off work for the August workshop, she is going to both the Friday and Saturday ones.  She is just so excited for Laura Wasilowski to come!  Wait a second, I think.  I know that name, I had just watched her on The Quilt Show !  And, she was so much fun.

That was it I got home and sent an email out to see if the workshop was full.  It wasn't and before it did fill up I wanted a spot.  It didn't matter what the class was about.  Well it turns out the class was Stitch after Fusing.  Oh no, I know nothing about hand embroidery.  I mentioned this to T. and she says it's not really something she knows much about but J. is the go to girl on this.  I get a hold of J. and ask her if she would mind teaching me a few things so I don't go to class and look like a complete fool.  She agrees and one day I go to her house and have a great lesson and end up with love of hand embroidery.

I get to the workshop without any problems.  They start passes out the kits for class and we get to work with Laura's fabulous hand dyed fabric.  She was an amazing teacher and quite the artists.  I was fun to see what everyone could make using the exact same kit.  My quilt looks a lot like the sample quilt.  I don't what to say but I did and still do love that design.  It was such a fun day and I am so glad I found out about it when I did because after her guild lecture that class filled up.  Here is a look at my version of Laura's wonderful quilt.

Happy Quilting


  1. I think that you are doing quite well. Try just getting some patterns and play or even just play.

  2. Thanks Sybil. I am still learning so patterns are my thing for now. I hope sometime soon to try something without a pattern but right now I'm trying to get all the basic steps down.
    Thanks for checking out my blog!