Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Icemare 2011

February started with a slick start.  Due to the weather work was closed today.  Once I found out about it yesterday, just after the storm started,  I got thinking and decided it would be a great day to sew.  Then as I thought more about it the girls would be here with school canceled as well, why not teach them to sew.  The girls are ages 3 and 5.  The girl age 5 has spent a little time at the sewing machine but only to play never with a full project to do.  Since mug rugs are so trendy right now and quite a nice size I thought that's what we'll do.  I found many fabulous tutorials online.  Shortly after breakfast we got to work.

I started with the oldest girl since she did have some experience.  I laid out about 20 fabrics and told her to pick her 5 favorites.  She did it quite quickly.  Then we moved on to a border fabric.  I spent a little time explaining what a border was and she picked out a pink fabric, not at all a surprise since pink is her favorite.  And, last but not least, she picked out fabric for the back.  I cut the 5 favorites into 4 1/2 by anywhere from 1 1/2 to 2 1/2 strips.  She did get a little impatient  while I cut, she was definitely excited to get going.  She was just tall enough to reach the foot peddle and the machine.  She did a great job and really seemed to enjoy it.

Up next was the girl age 3.  This would be her first time at the sewing machine.  In just a few months she'll turn 4 and I thought why not give it a try.  I gave her mainly the same choices throwing in a few extra hoping it wouldn't look just like her older sisters.  I should have known she would want more purple, since that is her favorite.  She quickly picked out her five then moved on to the border and the back.  Her sister picked hers out pretty quickly but this one picked them out very quickly.  As I cut her fabric she was a bit impatient as well but not quite like the older one.  I laid out the strips and asked her what she thought.  She loved them unlike her sister who took her time and changed the lay out all around.  We went over to the sewing machine and she had to sit on my lap to reach the machine so there was no chance she would reach the foot peddle.  I certainly wasn't expecting her to anyway.  She also seemed to love it.

Now them both together and then pictures with the girls showing them off both the front and back sides.

A fun day was had by all three of us.  I certainly think they are ready to get back to the sewing machine soon.

Happy Quilting


  1. I know grandmatockton! The girls did have a great time and they are already wanting to make more. They now have the sewing bug as well, not a bad thing to have. Now I just need to find a place to put the fabric they can use so it's not a free for all.

  2. oh what cute projects! I may have to bring my girl, age 5 over for a sewing machine lesson. And maybe watch myself....I love how you are documenting all of this!