Saturday, July 16, 2011

The 5 year old is hard at work

Last Saturday we went to the quilt store and picked out fabric, it was the first time the girl 1 was able to go a pick out more than one fabric.  On some trips to the quilt stores I would let her pick out one but this time we went just for her to pick out fabric.  I knew she would want pink so I gave her a chance to pick out her favorite pink and red fabrics.  That was really my only instructions, and I think she did an amazing job.  She picked a really pale pink from Mark Lipinski's good morning, sunshine all the way to a bold red with hearts on it (I'm not certain which line this one is from). For the background we settled on a solid white Kona fabric.  S. helped us pick out the background and while it's really tough to get a 5 year to be surrounded by so many fabrics and have her agree plain white is the way to go, but S did a great job.  This choice also helped save so money.
I cut fabric Sat. night and a bit more on Sunday.  After naps girl 1 was ready to get started and that is an understatement.  She got to work and actually did a great job.  This is her first big project and she did get a bit concerned she wasn't going to get it all done in one day.  I explained quilts certainly can take more than one day.  Monday she had summer camp and I was back at work.  We get home and she is dead tired but still wanted to quilt.  She got all the rows sewn together.  Since then she has been so tired once coming home she can barely hold her head up, summer camp must be quite fun :)  Soon we should start sewing together those long 52.5 inch strips.  It will be interested to see if she can say focused.  Hopefully soon we can have this quilt top ready to quilt.  I will get some pictures soon.

Happy Quilting

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