Sunday, July 31, 2011

Layer Cake BOM update

I'm pretty excited, I set a goal to get caught up on my BOM and I did!  It did really take me until the very last day of month but still I did it.  I did have a bit of help since Steph didn't post July's block yet.  I am using Sunkissed by Sweetwater, which is a very nice set of spring colors.  I got the layer cake in January 2011 so I'm not sure it is still available.  The colors are quite a bit different for me, a nice soft color palette with pink, green, orange, yellow, gray and a creamy white.  I think it will be a great quilt to put on display in the spring time, so I'm hoping by the end of the end I can have this one ready for Spring 2012.  Just in case you missed my links to the BOM here is a link to Steph's blog and definitely a HUGE thanks to Steph for all her hard work.  Layer Cake BOM
January's Block.  I really like this one and it was quite easy.
 February's block is super cute.  I wish I would have picked a stronger color for the cake stand base but the gray is what sold me on this layer cake.
 March's block is quite nice and it was my first ever flying geese.  I think the pinwheel look it fun and green is great for St Patrick's day.  I followed Steph's instructions an used a busy print for the background which really does a good job at hiding the seams even though not with the angle I used to take this picture.
 April's block is another fun one. Steph gives a couple of variations for the color placement.  As you can see I did a simple 3 color one.
 May's block is really easy to cut out and quite fun to put together.  I thought I should use some of the stronger colors from the set so the green, orange and of course the wonderful gray were clear winners.
 June's block is another fun pinwheel block.  This one had me pull out the seam ripper a few times.  It's not that the block is hard because really it's not but I sewed without really thinking about the block layout. 
 A look at all six laid out and wow the colors are very soft and really quite lovely.

Happy Quilting

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