Thursday, February 2, 2012

I had a little headcold last week.

It certainly wasn't anything serious.  I think it was just a sinus infection.  The weather was bouncing around and my head just couldn't handle it.  I would be fine during the day and had no problem going to work but then night would come and my head would fill up.

I did get some sewing done since I last posted.  I will start by showing off my January UFO choice to actually finish.  If you have been following my blog awhile you might remember the wedding and the cupcakes.  Here's a link to that post, wedding.  It was a busy time this summer when my SIL got married and my sister and I agreed to make the cupcakes.  I had plans to complete a table runner for them but time ran out and it just didn't happen.  The wedding was wonderful and really I thought the cupcakes turned out great.  So the table runner sat around.  I got the top completed pretty quickly and then didn't finish the back until very recently.  I grabbed the black thread and got to quilting it.  It has been fun actually quilting some projects and I do seem to enjoy the quilting process as much as the piecing.
 The front is black and white, the wedding colors were black, yellow and white.  I found out during a bridle shower my SIL doesn't like any color black and gray are her favorite colors, seems crazy to me since there is not a color I do not like.
 The back is rock and roll themed, which was also part of the wedding.  My now BIL is the leader singer in a hard rock band phoenix on the faultline.

Happy Quilting 

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  1. Hope you are feeling better. Look at you already back to sewing. Looks great!