Saturday, December 1, 2012

Glad to be back

I've not been blogging since my birthday and I think a great little gift has been part of the problem.  Back on July 25, my birthday, I had some friend's over for quilting and dinner.  While I'm pretty sure very little quilting was done, catching up was fun and one even brought over some quite yummy and colorful cupcakes.  This night certainly didn't make me stop posting.  But just days prior I received this wonderful gift

This little tablet is so much fun and so easy to take to the quilting room, play pandora and look at quilt patterns.  I have been sewing some fun stuff and can't wait to start showing that off.  One thing that is hard to do on this little thing is blog.  I can't type as quickly on it as the laptop so today I dusted off the laptop and stopped by to say hi. 

Back in August the Indy Modern Quilt Guild and Crimson Tate quilt shop did a great First Friday night and hung quilts along the cultural trail on Mass Ave.  Here's a great little look at all the wonderful quilts. 

Happy Quilting 

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