Monday, August 1, 2011

It's Beginning to Look alot Like Christmas.

Okay really that is just true in the sewing room ;)  It's summer hot outside and while the grass is an awful shade of brown, due to the lack of rain, it's a shade even winter doesn't normally bring.  Some of the flowers, especially the wonderfully hardy purple coneflowers are looking alright and with some watering the garden is coming along.

Last night I was perusing some wonderful blogs and one mentioned that on July 25 Christmas is just 5 months away.  That idea enters my brain without me really ever thinking just a few moments later I will be in the sewing room working on a wonderful wonkey Christmas quilt.  As I'm reading through some of the blogs of the very fun ladies in the Indianapolis modern quilt guild I see one has made or is making a fabulous orange wonkey nine patch and there is a link to the tutorial.  As much as I wanter to learn all the fabulous traditional techniques, I love the look of wonkey quilts.  This could be due to my first quilt which had a bit of wonkey, due to lack of experience, and I still find it quite charming. 

After making dinner, I start thinking I really want to make one of those wonkey nine patches and surely I have 27 fabrics in my stash I would want to put together.  I go up to the sewing room knowing I do not have any where close to 27 orange fabrics, but I am pretty sure I can do a great purple/blue combo.  Once in the sewing room I see the girls have pulled out the Christmas fabrics I got in an after Christmas sell, late 2009 or early 2010.  Why not do a Christmas quilt?  I mean Christmas is only 5 months away.  I find as it turns out 27 Christmas/winter fabrics I liked putting together.  Now at the time of sewing last night I thought I only had 18 and needed 9 more.  I pick out 9 to put together in the first set and get to work.

The blocks, at least these 1st 9, came together very quickly.  One thing I didn't do but should have is press the seams open, or maybe at lease alternate pressing sides.  When you turn the fabric 90 degrees, it was hard to cut through all the seams piled up on one side.  Also as I write this I have J going to Joann's for me to get a larger rotary cutter and hopefully that will help me get through all those seams. 

This morning, while taking a shower thinking that I need 9 more fabrics ;), a lesson from T. bounces around in my head.  I need purple and green in this quilt.  Of course this Christmas quilt has green but only a little bit of a bright green, that will pop.  I go in the sewing room and find a fabulous purple with "sparkly" green stars.  I throw in some fun hand dyes, purple and batiks and left for work feeling pretty excited to see how this scrappy wonkey quilt will turn out.

So I am really hoping tonight to get 9 more made, then 9 Tuesday and now those last 9 Wednesday to give me a total of 36.  Thursday I need to get the sewing room cleaned up so it can be a guest room on Friday!  Here's a look at the 1st 9.
Happy Quilting

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