Saturday, November 26, 2011

Christmas in progress!

I mentioned fabric shopping yesterday, so today I got to work.  Okay I didn't spend that much time in the sewing room.  We cleaned some around the house this morning.  Since the weather is suppose to be bad tomorrow I figure that is a good day to put up some of the inside Christmas decorations, so today we cleaned to help make that a bit easier tomorrow.  We got new Christmas lights for outside and the tree.  I tried to go with white lights the past few years but I can't help it I love color so new LED colors lights it is!!

Once in the sewing room I got to work.  A good bit of time is spent ironing just to get to redo much of it the next day ;)  I have quite a few gifts I plan to sew so I figure I have to get started. 

That is a  look at some of the fabric I will be using to make some cute coasters!

And there you can see some of the finished ones!

Overall I think I'm off to a great start.  Tomorrow girl 1 has Russian class in the morning, then we will put up some of the Christmas decorations and hopefully after that I'll get back in the sewing room. 
Happy Quilting

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