Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Cute stockings!

Alright I'm going to try walk you through this cute idea I had on Sunday.  I was looking through the December issue of healthy cooking magazine and once I looked over all the recipes, I went back through the magazine and started looking at the gift ideas.  On one of the pages I see this really cute little stocking that holds flatware, very cute for the Christmas table.  I thought right away that would be really cute for the kids to sew.  But before I could let them make some I needed to know how to do it myself.  I found the stocking flatware holders online and looked at the dimensions so I could try and sketch one myself.  I am certainly not in anyway an artist but thought I can handle drawing a sock.
Here's a look at my stocking sketch.

I then cut out my cute little stocking

I took a small piece of nice red and gold fabric folded it in half with right sides together and traced around my pattern.  Once I had my pattern on the wrong side of the fabric I cut it out.  I also cut out 2 3 inch by 1.5 inch strip of contrasting fabric.

I turned under the edges on the contrasting strip of fabric probably about 1/8 inch and then ironed the small strips in half.  I put the small strips on each side of the stocking and topstitched.  Then I sewed the stocking together.  Very quick and easy project.  

Hopefully all of that makes sense.  If not just let me know, we will be making quite a few more so I can take pictures of every step if that would help.  Overall a cute, easy project!

Happy Quilting

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