Saturday, December 17, 2011


Oh my.  First let me give a huge thanks to Heidi and Bobbi for hosting 2 FNSI in December.  The first one certainly helped me get some Christmas gifts ready!  For last nights I had fun plans to get a table runner quilted for Christmas.  I should have known for the moment I got home and my jeans were a bit too tight this could be a good night to just lock myself away.  Instead I was still pretty excited to get into the sewing room and start quilting.  Other than quilting some mug rugs and now trying my hand at free motion quilting on some very small quilts the girls have made for their dolls, I have not tried to quilt a "real project".  I grab my Foolproof Machine Quilting book and get to work.  I have been reading quite a few machine quilting books recently and while the one I grab makes no mention of practicing I decide I should.  I cut out a piece about 12X12 for the front, batting and back and get to work.  I baste around the edge.  I should mention that J comes in the sewing room while I'm cutting out the practice piece and says my sister needs to talk to me about my other sister, oh my the tone of his voice didn't sound good.  So I take my little 12X12 piece downstairs and start hand basting around the edge, this is a direction from the book.  I talk to my sister while she is making a wonderful dinner and oh no family problems popping up again.  I am now kinda angrily trying to hand baste so I just decide to baste the edge on the sewing machine.  I try and quilt this little practice piece and I just can't get it right.  Everything is uneven, really it just wasn't my night.  So after what was a great dinner I go up around 9:00 and go to bed.  It seemed that literally as I am falling asleep last night black images were waving into my head, like evil was rushing in.  Let's hope today I can make all the evil leave and turn my frown upside down.
 So here's a look at the fabric I used for the table runner.  isn't a great set of Christmas batiks?

Maybe one day soon I'll have the table runner ready to show off.

Happy Quilting


  1. I love all the bright reds! Of course I might be a little biased since I love red. Keep practicing at the free motion. I've only done a couple of small projects myself, so I know the frustration of try to figure it out!

  2. You will eventually finish it and it will look great when you do. The reds are so eye-catching!

  3. Thanks to both of you for stopping by. I do love the reds! I finally posted the finish project today and really love the way it turned out.