Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Coasters (gifts round 1)

With just 2 weeks before Christmas and 1 1/2 weeks before Hanukkah, I decided yesterday it was time to give out the Holiday coasters.  This was something I struggled with.  I made them for my coworkers.  In recent years, even though I can not remember if we did it last year, we have done secret Santa gifts.  This year, at least up until yesterday afternoon, no one was talking about doing secret Santa.  I am trying to do a less plastic/ more homemade gifts Christmas.  Once the coasters are completed I start worrying.  When should I give them out, should I even give them out?  I really don't want everyone to think they should get me a gift.  I could hold onto them until the last minute, but I made holiday coasters and if they can't use them during the holiday season, what fun is that.  With all these crazy thoughts in my head I go ahead and take them to work.  I handed them out with a cute card with this picture of the kids.  

All the worries can now move onto gifting the pillowcases ;)

Also don't forgot about Friday Night Sew-In on the 16th!

Happy Quilting 

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