Friday, December 2, 2011

Let's talk about

THREAD, baby.  Okay I don't have a clue why Salt n Pepa entered my head today but they did.  I am curious about thread.  Really when I started quilting/sewing I didn't have a clue.  T went with me to help pick out some fabric for my first quilt and as I was checking out she ran back and picked out 2 colors of thread, gray and black.  I was making a fun black and white quilt and didn't think to ask even one question about thread.  After a while I did ask about why gray?  Black made sense since the quilt was mainly black and white but she had me use the gray to piece with.  She answers that most people use beige or gray, I'm sure her answer was better than that but that is what I remember. 
One day I run out of that gray thread and thought I have no idea what to get.  I look at the store and they have different thread weights. colors, etc and I was lost.  Steph works at a quilt store and introduced me to Aurifil thread.  She tells me she likes it because it is so thin it doesn't add too much to your piecing, making it easier to get accurate results.  This gets my mind working.  I really need to learn about thread so I started buying quite a few different brands.
I can't say I have worked with a bad thread.  I have tried Mettler 50 weight, this was my very first thread.  I didn't have any problems with thread, it did seem a bit thicker than some other brands.  Then I got Aurifil, probably my favorite even though I really don't have a good reason why.  I do feel that I get less fuzz build up in my machine, not sure if that is actually true.  I tried Coats and Clark, which many say is really bad and I didn't notice any problems.  It is Coats Cotton so I'm not sure if that is why or maybe I'm just not a picky thread person.  I have also tried Gutterman and Masterpiece by Superior threads.  Both of those are great. 
So for me I turn to Aurifil most often when piecing and if any family members are reading I would love that little train above under the tree this year.
I turn to Superior's website the most often for thread education.  While I may not do things too much different than I did before my thread education I now am much more confident when I go to the thread aisle. I am curious what thread everyone else is using?  I'm sure I still have tons to learn.

Happy Quilting


  1. I have never tried Aurifil but I have heard nothing but raves about it. And any day when S~N~P crosses your mind is a great day :)

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I do love Salt n Pepa.