Sunday, January 15, 2012


I'm really not 100% sure how I got started with Craftsy.  I know one day they sent me a discount deal of a Kona solid fat quarter set in purple. 

Purple is girl 2's favorite and also my sisters so I thought not a bad set to have on hand.  I bought the set and wasn't surprised to get more emails from them.  Many good deals were sent out but really I try and buy fabric only when I have a project in mind, so I didn't buy anything else on impulse.  

Then one day around Jan 1 I get an email about a free block of the month lesson. I was curious about Craftsy's classes and thought a free one was a great chance to see if I liked it.  I signed up and watched the lesson.  Amy of Stitchery Dickory Dock  is teaching the class and she seems very comfortable on camera and has a great style.  The first two blocks look quite simple so I decide I'll give this a try.  Oh then I had to pick out fabric.  Of course mind my goes right to the purple set.  I go up to the sewing room and look to see what fabrics to contrast.  Once up there I can't get my mind off of using orange but I really don't like the oranges I have with those purples.  Leave it to craftsy, I think it was the very next day I get an email for a blue/green Kona solid set.

Blue is my favorite and I love blue and orange together.  Alright I was sold.  Then worry sets in.  I have not actually seen these fabrics what if it really doesn't work and also the set goes into green so I need to move my oranges toward magenta.  I pull a few more fabrics and just hope it all looks good together.  A few days later the fat quarter set arrives and I love it!  I fall asleep that night and wake up hating the fabrics.  I go straight to the sewing room, I loved these fabrics when I went to bed so why do I wake up hating them.  I look back at my fabrics and relax, I do really like them together.

Last night I finally make January's blocks.  They are really easy and fun modern blocks.  Each month will well learn a new technique.  This should be a great quilting experience.  Here's a look at my first two blocks.

Happy Quilting 

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