Monday, January 16, 2012

Martin Luther King Jr Day

I hope everyone had a nice Martin Luther King Jr Day.  I hope you had at little a time today to remember his dream and did your part to keep his dream going.  We did take some time out this weekend to talk to the kids about him.  It's tough explaining this to kids ages 3,4 and 6.  Thankfully they are able to understand wanting peace for everyone and also able to understand he had a dream.  I think if you look back on things he did so much to help improve things around here, we still have quite a way to go but things are still so much better.

I did get in some sewing this weekend.  I already showed off the two blocks for my new BOM quilt.  I think it should be quite a fun quilt with a nice modern edge.  I also enjoy surprises so I'm excited to see what February's blocks look like.  I did get the rock and roll table runner quilted.  I just need to get the binding on and then I'll show it off.  I also got started on the zig-zag quilt.  I have all 48 blocks cut out and was able to sew together 8 of them.  I still have away to go but having most of the cutting complete so really help improve my time.

I also took a huge jump and decided to make a fun retro dress.  I have very little dress making under my belt so I think I'll need to brush up on some skills before I start the dress.  It should be fun and I have really been wanting to try something like this since I first brought my sewing machine.  Blame Project Runway but making a really great tailored dress is something I have been dreaming about making so soon enough I'll do it!  It is a craftsy class.  What can I say but I'm becoming a Craftsy addict.  

This dress also got me into a new to me local fabric store.  Really how one so close to me opened quite a few months ago and I knew nothing about it seems crazy.  The French Seam is a great little shop.  They even had quite a great sale going on so I was able to get the dress fabric and the lining for quite an amazing low price.  I might even sign up for a couple of classes.  I also went to Jo Ann fabrics for the muslin and a few other things.  While there girl 1 asks if I will make her and her sister a dress.  Why not I think.  I need to brush up on some skills and now is as good a time as any.  So I got a simple pattern and let her pick out the fabrics.  Overall it has been a great weekend, hope that is true for all of you as well.

Happy Quilting


  1. you have had a very productive week...great for you. :)

    I can't wait to see what you make from the Sew Retro class.

    I signed up for two classes on is the free motion quilting and another one is knit lab. I have yet to make anything from the class but I love how we always can go back and watch the videos again. :)

    Hope you have a wonderful week! :)

  2. Can't wait to see your creations...I was just lusting over a retro dress and thinking I could make it but I have very little clothes sewing experience. So we shall see.
    I shared with my little one about MLK but I tried to keep it pretty simple. Mostly being loving to all people. I think he got it :)
    Have a fantastic week!