Friday, August 26, 2011

FNSI one week late

I completely have my heart set on getting some sewing done tonight.  If I don't the chances I will get those 3 quilt tops finished by the end of the month will be next to impossible.  The weather is amazing today or at least that is how it looks from the window at work.  Once work is over I hope for a quick dinner, maybe a nice walk and while the Colts play football I will sew. 

Last night I had a wonderful dinner with my quilting bee.  One of the ladies husband joined us for dinner and then once quilt talk started he headed out.  It was nice having him around to vary up the conversation a bit.  Once dinner and a bit of chatting was over I headed home, gave quick good night kisses to the kids and went to the sewing room.  Kids certainly were not asleep when I started and did come interrupt a few times.  I did get the rest of the purple kids quilt blocks put together and one row complete on the Christmas quilt.  Hopefully tonight I can get even more done since I will have some extra time.  I'll come back tomorrow with the good, bad and ugly from tonight's sewing adventure. 

Happy Quilting

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