Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Suddenly I See

This is what I wanna do.  Suddenly I see. What the next few months of quilting should be. (Okay KT Tunstall probably won't like those lyrics but I'm going to stick with it )  Yesterday morning work was a bit slower than normal, one of the doctors is on vacation and one patient did not show for their appointment which left a 45 minute gap.  I spent that time planning out a quilting to do list.  I pick out 5 projects I want to finish before the end of the year.  This will push me a bit since there are two things about making quilts that stops me in my tracks and has left nearly everything I start unfinished.

Number 1 Borders.  While making my 1st quilt I messed up an inside border, we had to rip it out and I made a new one. Then while still making this 1st quilt, I chat with a quite famous long arm quilter in the area and her main advice, which I'm sure is great advice, was to make sure the borders are the correct size and line up correctly.  And finally while still making this quilt I take the class for Grandma's Quilt, one of the ladies talks about how she doesn't like cornerstones on quilt border since they never come out straight for her.  That was 3 border issues while making my 1st quilt and plenty enough reasons for me to decide I really like quilts without borders.  That is one issue I plan to tackle before the end of the year.

Number 2 Quilting.  How can I be a quilter if I don't quilt?  Well I have quilted mug rugs so I do quilt small things.  I'm even thinking I should make some postcard quilts.  What can I say I have short arms ;) But seriously I have some questions.  If I pin baste how far apart do I place the pins?  I really am a person who will poke herself quite often.  I've seen people use a spoon to help them close all those safety pins but I can not seem to get my head around using a spoon to close a pin.  Plus T. says she starches until the top is super stiff.  Is using that much starch safe, should I wear a mask?  What about spray basting - does it work, is it safe  and again should I wear a mask?  Hopefully all my time playing thread tension pays off because I'm going to find the band aids, get a mask and give this a try. 

My 5 projects are the wonky Christmas quilt, the kids quilts, some placemats I started during my 1st quilt, Town Square and the table runner.  Both the kids quilt and the wonky quilt are very close to having the tops finish, so I think by the end of the month I can have both tops ready.  Both of the girl's quilts will have me tackle borders!  So by early September I'm planning to start quilting.  I will move up from mug rugs to placemats, where I will try pin basting and spray basting.  I will then move onto Town Square, which is a nice wall hanging so should be a good size to try next.  By this point I should know if I want to send the kids quilts out to a long arm quilter or do it myself.  I really want to do the wonky Christmas quilt  I have been watching some free motion quilting videos I have some really cute ideas and things I would like to try.  I hope to have this finished by December 1. And finally, I would like to complete the table runner by December 25.  Here's to hoping with a full time job and 3 kids, 5 projects can be completed and 2 fears overcome!

Happy Quilting

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