Saturday, August 27, 2011

(Still a) Weirdo

I don't think I could change the lyrics in this song and make it work any better for me.  I skipped FNSI last week due to a very nice surprise of going to a NFL preseason game.  Last night, once dinner was done, I went up to the sewing room and got to work.  I cut a new center for the girls quilt.  I decided on a cupcake since they picked some really cute cupcake fabric for the border.  I cut the stashing stripes and started sewing.  I worked on girl 2's quilt first, it was on top.  I am getting quicker with sewing but I still go pretty slow.  I bring the quilt top downstairs to show it off and really girl 2 eyes light up.  She got quite excited and ran over to hug the top.  She laid it out, threw it around, etc.  Then the questions started on how the girls would be able to tell their quilts apart.  I'm sure you will be able to see some difference and quite a few similarities.  Here's a look a girl 2's top.

I stayed downstairs for a bit, had a cup of tea and watched the kick off to the Colts game.  The kids finished getting baths and the little man in the house (age 3) came down and got angry with me, he gave me a quick but stern lecture that I should be in the sewing room.  Once the kids were down to bed I started sewing again.  Girl 1's top did seem to go a bit quicker.  Here's a look at her top.
I also got 2 more rows done on the Christmas quilt.  I need to get borders on both girl's top and get the rest of the Christmas quilt top finished and I have 5 days.  It seems like I might be able to complete another goal.  Nothing like waiting until last minute.  As the song says, I don't always get it right but a thousand different ways and I just might.

Happy Quilting

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