Sunday, August 21, 2011

I didn't do it

I woke up Friday morning quite excited to sew that night.  I thought I could get at least one top put together and since I want to get 3 completed by the end of the month it would be a huge help to getting that goal complete.  I go to work and after about 2 hours one of the ladies come in and asks would I like her Colts tickets for the game Friday night.  How much are you wanting for these I ask?  They're  free she says!  Sure I want them then.  At this point I completely forget about sewing and was completely thinking football.  I call J and see if he what his plans for tonight are.  He says washing white cloths and I say what if that waits until tomorrow and we go to the Colts game?  Neither of us had been to the new Lucas Oil Stadium and even being a pre-season game normal ticket prices are more than we would spend.  I was quite excited to go,  I rush home from work, change out of my work cloths and we head downtown.  We get there just as the game starts and while there seemed to be no chance the Colts were trying to win this game it was still quite fun.  We got home pretty late and no sewing happened.  I felt bad I didn't sew but really what are the chances I will be getting free Colts tickets ever again.

Earlier in the week I did get a little bit done on the girls quilts.  These are really cute and fun.  It shouldn't be too long and I will be putting the  borders on these two!  Here's a look at what I got done I still have 2 more purple 4 patch in a 4 patch sets to do.

Happy Quilting


  1. My husband and I were at the game too. Our first time in the stadium. Some friends shared their tix with us. It is a sight to see. We were on the side of the Colts bench. It was fun to see all of the guys in person. Game stunk though, didn't it?

  2. It certainly wasn't the best game for the colts. Kicking team looks pretty good. I was quite impressed with the 55 yard field goal by Vinatieri. Defense didn't look that bad and offense well lets hope Peyton is ready for the regular season. We were on the other side of the field from you. It was fun having the roof open and then watching it slowly shut. Overall I'm glad I made it to the stadium. I hope the regular season goes better, I'm pretty sure it will. Thanks for stopping by my blog.